The advantages of our service

We guarantee an unique and personalized service with all the advantages

Leisure and gaming areas can be a good part of your business, but should not complicate the management and dedication to your main business.

To leave the design, installation and management of such areas or spaces to Automatics Priorat is a good way to ensure optimal performance without adding additional concerns to those appropriate to your business.

Certainly contracting out such services is the more common formula in advanced countries, which have more experience in this sector.

We are specialized in:

  • In the management of permissions for the installation of gaming machines.
  • In the processing of the different prior authorizations.
  • In technical studies and facility needs.
  • In the international offer of such machines.
  • In selecting the most profitable products based on the analysis of each audience segment.
  • In assuring maximum profitability with minimal investment, optimizing resources and achieving maximum customer satisfaction and best results for your business.